Do Me A Favor!

Those of you that use picture-in-a-picture, turn the damn thing off when it is not appropriate!

I received my third Thermal Report that I have to follow up on this week and it’s like looking through a straw! Entire walls and roofs taken with picture-in-a-picture! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! :twisted::twisted:

Also, Reflected Temperature is not the same as the ambient air temp unless your not standing in the room!

Is this a Fluke thing? All three reports are with Fluke cameras!

So what is the problem someone said ya had tunnel vision;-):wink:

I’ll be “expanding” their horizons before I’m done with these lame reports!

Why don’t you encourage the use of PIP? You’ll get more business.:wink:

Now David, you know that “bells and whistles” sells more than “knowledge and experience”. Just ask any lowballer!

That’s interesting David. At my Level II class this week nobody used PIP when in field. We also did some short “show your stuff” images and none were PIP

PIP has its place, but most times it’s detrimental because it crops the IR image.

In the flir software you can expand horizontal and vertical the IR and leave just enough of the digital to see what it is

I know. Side by side is still superior for most images though I do use interval sometimes to pinpoint a thermal pattern.

Me also I don’t use PIP very much prefer sideXside myself I did not know what kind of camera ya was using:D

I’ll stand corrected in that there is a place for PIP; wet spot in the ceiling of a room, one hot breaker in a panel, close up’s after a “reference scan” was taken etc…

But when your scanning large areas like a roof or a wall indoors close up, why do you need a reference in the first place?

As Charley pointed out, you “can” adjust the thing but we are asking someone to adjust when they don’t even “tune” the image!

Heck most of the time I’m stitching scans together, not making them smaller!

Charley, I was going to submit this at New Orleans.
Would I have had a chance? I couldn’t see the winner you guys posted.
There is a lot of stuff going on in this scan if you look around…

That’s a great summertime image David! What are the pixel dimensions of the stitched image? How many source images? FLIR Panorama tool? Handheld or tripod?

It would have been a contender, but I’m not sure it would have won. The winner in the category was a massive 3D modeled IR image of a datacenter server rack aisle (I’m sure you can guess who submitted it). I don’t even know how many images and perspectives went into producing it.

(2) 320 x 640 scans, hand held, Flir Image Builder Software.

Not the best stitch, but I find it interesting.

If you read into it, the air above the door is not related to the leaking return duct. The supply air duct leaks had a greater net over the return and significantly depressurized the building.

This is not a Blower Door Test. It is normal HVAC operation for this house.

Yes, I can guess!
This is a “working scan”. I don’t have time for that other stuff! :wink:

My Military Body Armor GIF scans would have won hands down if we could do video, and if the job wasn’t classified…

I would have guessed there was a blower door used with the “pulling down” effect.

Nice image.


HVAC on. Big return leaks…

Its a nice image would have been tough to beat the other image I can see where you stitched together. His 3-D was great maybe we can all put our heads together next year and beat him out. I have some good images but its going to take more than I have. Need something spectacular

One of these

Anyone have a pic of that pic? :slight_smile:

I’d like to see that.

Not me perhaps Jim S

This is how they make flash models that can be manipulated online or what have you.

That would be an amazing project to do something like that with IR.

Here is some of the most amazing stuff I have seen to date:

This is unreal: - Give it time to load then click move around, then click the color wheel thing on the screen to switch between IR and digital. The mouse wheel will zoom in and out. You might have to right click on the link then open in new tab/window, I always have a hard time straight linking this link.

Greg is so far beyond anything that anyone is doing. For those that say there is no money in IR just look at his business model. He was a roofer in 1989. Now he is the leading IR company…maybe in the world, but for sure in the USA. As a side note, he is the co-owner of United Infrared. So for those that are considering joining them, you literally get trained by the best via their modules. Anyone see the missing cat?

The business truly is whatever you can dream up.

As a side note, one of my customers won the 2011 and 2010 IR/Info best image. He did it with a FLIR P640. Here is his site…amazing stuff on here also:

Check out his data center page. The main image on that page is sick. Actually, just about every image on his site is pretty amazing. Wayne started with the P640, back to Linus’s point of using higher end cameras. I believe he has been in the IR business since 2008…it didn’t take him very long to build it up.

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