Do Most HI's REALLY understand Electricity

Do you really truly understand how electricity works i.e. electrical theory. BE HONEST.

If you can’t explain a multi-wire circuit or why the circuit to a central A/C has no neutral then you should probably answer “no”.

Let’s put it this way…

the average HI will never know everything regarding electricity. Education is always crucial. I’ve performed over 3,000 home inspections and I’m still in the learning process from this MB and the many educational videos.

I don’t quite agree.
I do agree that an HI will never see every conceivable wiring configuration.
However, it is quite possible to completely understand electricity i.e. electrical theory, insofar as it applies to home inspection. If you have the theory, then you have the ability to understand the wiring configuration, given adequate time.

I’m willing to put money on it that 50% of the HI’s out there are not completely trained in the theory of Electricity.

Gotta go…3:00 inspection.

If everyone is honest, we may find that out.

I wonder the same thing about home inspectors when it comes to heating and cooling of a house.

Do other home inspectors know that an air conditioner does not add cold air to a house but only removes heat?

How about the basic concept of **Brewing? **I bet most home inspectors are not familiar with it.:wink:

More education is needed.

Right after I get done with this drink.:smiley:

It seems like there is always someone popping up here and there who will declare that his (or some other) level of knowledge is the basic minimum required for all home inspectors. Sometimes electrical, sometimes HVAC, and sometimes related to a toy (aka “tool”) they just bought.

Wouldn’t it be great for our profession if, instead of saying “Such and such knowledge or tool is a basic minimum standard for a home inspector” we were to say “To have such and such knowledge and tool is what sets an inspector above his peers”?

When there are home inspectors in the field charging $149…let them be the “basic minimum”. “I charge more because”…will always be the more beneficial argument than, “He lacks the basic minimum skills/tools that I have”.

or perhaps that there is no such thing as cold air. ;-):mrgreen:

It’s getting very philosophical - Cold is the state of absence of heat… just as dark is the absence of light.

And a $149 HI is simply the absence of worth.:shock:

Well said !

I disagree, I think −459.67 degrees Fahreheit (0 Kelvin) is cold air.:shock:

It’s defind in a dictionary so it must be.

1 a**:** having or being a temperature that is uncomfortably low for humans <it is cold outside today> <a cold drafty attic> b**:** having a relatively low temperature or one lower than normal or expected <the bath water has gotten cold> c**:** not heated: as (1)of food : served without heating especially after initial cooking or processing <cold cereal> <cold roast beef> (2): served chilled or with ice <a cold drink> (3): involving processing without the use of heat <cold working of steel>

I need a cold beer now.:wink:

LOL I need a beer with a serious lack of heat too!:mrgreen:

LOL Too freakin’ funny! :|__)

I think the whole point is how much electrical theory do we really need to call out safety issues?

I can call out lack of GFCI in a kitchen with out knowing how to manufacture one.

I can also drive a car and know when the battery is dead with out understanding how 12 volts is connected to my car .

We need to know enough to call out Health ,safety and financial issues.

If we became leading experts in everything (not that we don"t try) we would be charging a heck of a lot more.

Good point.

HI’s do not need to understand Electricity - just the related issues

A good instructor could educated an HI in a week end with time left over for a beer

Remember the home is only three wires. This is not an airplane

One does not need to know; AC from DC, 50hz from 60cps, 120 volts from 240, power factor, single phase from two phase, or how to wire a three way switch

If we had to spend the time to learn about what an amp is or why there are two and three prong sockets we would be wasting a lot of time and $$


I hope that was sarcastic.
You better know 110 from 240

He made his point though and I agree.

These are the threads that Tedesco would cut and paste from and publish on other message boards as proof that home inspectors should not be opening service panels.