Do Most HI's REALLY understand Electricity

Might as well make yourself credible as an HI. If you’re looking over the panel and tell the client that the multiwire circuit hooked up to the twin minis (on the same phase) is wrong, they may ask “Why is that?”. Being a little more knowledgeable comforts that client, rather than fumbling over words and then giving them the “I’ll have to get back to you on that”. HI’s don’t need to get a reputation of onlyfollowing checklists.


I do not think HI’s need to know as much as a Card carrying Local #134 Sparky but yes you need to know the defects and have enough basic understanding to explain what makes them defects.

I know bad flashing on a roof , yet have never installed a roof.(make sense)?

Now if someone asks me if I have a full understanding of three phase delta wiring and can I explain the load balance and various configurations I would be lying if I said yes and so would 99.9999% in Inspection.

I concur.

If an HI is out there pulling off covers to electrical panels, they better know the theory of electricity and how electrical defects can ruin someone’s day. You’re going to have a Buyer out there someday that is going to ask you every question in the book and you don’t want to be standing there scratching your head. You want to be able to answer every basic electrical question and more. If not, it’s time to hit the books.

When I was new at HI’s, I wanted to know-it-all. So I decided to hit every book I could in order to become knowledgeable in this field. It took me a while, but I did it.

I can recall finalizing an inspection one day and my Buyer told me that I did a fantastic evaluation of the inside the electrical panel. I said “Thanks”. He (in turn) stated that he didn’t want to tell me at the start of the inspection that he is a licensed Electrician and he just wanted to know if I knew what I was doing, when I inspected the panel in his prospective home.

Most of you will be inspecting for a licensed Electrician some day, so beware and be knowledgeable of the theory of electricity and proper wiring methods. And stay safe inside those panels.

Thanks, Jeff. I was going to mention that item myself! I have found that item in newly rewired houses by electricians and/or their helpers!! Actually find it a lot more than I should!!

Yes, A good knowledge of basic electrical theory/wiring methods/code requirements is necessary to be a good HI. This is one of the areas that I find many of my calls in!!

I don’t know much about electricity, but I do know that beer is supposed to be warm. Ask InterNACHI’s Education Director, Gerry Beaumont. It’s knowledge we Brits brought over from Britain.

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Nobody understands it yet. Being able to predict the results of something that keeps happening is not “understanding.”

For instance, gravity doesn’t actually exist at all, but every high school science teacher goes right on explaining it and testing kids to see if they understand it.

Hey there is a natural force called gravity that can travel right through poured concrete so that when you are on a concrete pad and drop a ball it falls down toward earth just as if you were outside. The force works right through poured lead too. The sun’s gravity travels millions of miles through the vacuum of space and holds the earth in orbit. Nothing can stop this gravity!

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