Do not verify your bank info!

I got an email from CIBC 2 days ago asking me to verify account info to prevent theft.
They don’t have my email address and I don’t do online banking.
Today I got one from TDbank, I don’t have a TD account. The source addresses look legit and they’ve copied the logos perfectly. :twisted:

I quit online banking 2 years ago when bots and spiders started hitting my system.

John Kogel

Yes, we should always be aware of phishing scams.

Many banks have gone to “site key” images to help identify legit banking sites.


Each legitimate bank does have a Security branch that you can forward these scam email to.
Get the real address through a separate browser window and forward the email to them. They will verify if it is a SCAM AND THEY CAN ALSO DO SOME TRACKING OF IT.
When someone claims to be a certain person, the security tracking systems that are out there now, can pinpoint the IP address of the real poster. If they are in North America someone impersonating someone else can be criminally charged… such as when someone claims to post as a particular person… (maybe from OAHI) charges can be laid. Anyone impersonating someone else should be dealt with severely.