Do Plumbers Think Highly of Us?

I collect certifications. Although I refuse to boast and make you appear like an ignorant boob.

Certified Plumbing Inspector is just one of many certifications I have collected. I use it for absolutely nothing…

I had thought of becoming a level III thermographer. 13 days of classroom training and its mine. :wink:


I saw you asking about becoming certified back in 2009.

Since you are abject to Inspectors inspecting Plumbing what the hell are you doing running rangehoods out of your supposed field of expertise?

Did you have insurance for that job?

How about disclosing your name and Plumbing business if you even have one.

I suspect you inhaled too many crawlspace fumes while cutting beams and joists with your sawsall.

Wow… I’m havin Jr. High flashbacks over here.

Someone must be getting their butt kicked after school.

Just having fun we have a plumber trapped in a barrel and having a circle jerk

Which Local?
Time and Experience mean nothing.
I have worked with Pipefitters, Boilermakers, Plumbers, Sheet Metal Workers, Fire Suppression Installers, Electricians, etc… from the Union Building Trades for many years.

The Good ones are exceptional and beyond compare…
All can not equally be painted with the same brush…

So then he must be the one responsible for this…

Oh, Mr. “Certified Plumbing Inspector”! We have a violation you need to investigate!!! :lol::lol::lol:


oh crap I’m cryin… where do you FIND this stuff!? LOL

Those drains must be undersized. Or those students are REALLY focused on their studies all the rest of the time. :wink: