Do we have a Central Texas Nachi Chapter?

Just wondering if I’d been missing anything…

No, there is no Central Texas INACHI chapter…only active INACHI chapter I know of in Texas is NTNACHI in the Dallas area. There might have been one in El Paso at one time but I’ve not heard anything from them in ages. TAREI is active here in Austin and TPREIA is looking to open a central Texas chapter next year…probably San Antonio though I bet.

Thanks Mike! Did you get the message I sent you a few weeks ago?

George… I have trouble remembering last week much less a few weeks ago :neutral:. If I didn’t respond to a question you had then please resend the msg to me. You have my e-mail address.

Check into TPREIA. I believe one is opening up in San Antonio soon. The one in Houston I’m in has been great. The value blows TAREI out of the water.

Please provide a link and contact info for the Houston
based nachi chapter. Thanks

John…Richard is referring to the TPREIA chapter in Houston. Reread his sentence.

So Mike did anything ever become of NIFAST for you? I wonder who was chosen for TX. I don’t live near any universities… clear on the other side of town from UH and Rice.

No, I wasn’t selected. I know Bruce Thompson in Tyler was one of the Texas inspectors picked (he posted that on the NIFAST thread) but I don’t know who the other one was.

Maybe it was some one in Houston however it seems that UT has more students than UH and Rice put together.

There are 80,000 college students within a 40 mile radius of me. Proximity to off-site college housing does not appear to be a criteria NIFAST used for scholarship selection.

Correct. Basically they chose 2 randomly from each state from InterNACHI members who had dedicated inspection websites that didn’t display any known diploma mill logos.

As for a local chapter… when can I come down?