Do We Have FIREPLACE INSP Training?

Do any of our NACHI Instructors have a FP Insp training class?
Maybe something like:

I think it would be interesting . . .

Even if there were other courses, they wouldn’t measure up to Dale Feb’s
F-I-R-E home inspector training or Fireplece Certification Course. Dale is the best instructor you could ever hope to hear and his knowledge is unsurpassed in the field.

I hope you will call Dale and Tina and arrange to take the class at one of their locations or professional association conferences where they are presenting. This is a case where it truly is worthwhile to learn from the best.

Even if you can’t get to a class, Dale is the most helpful resource I’ve found. I always get a quick response if I have a chimney or fireplace issue.

If you cant get to Dale, I may also suggest contacting Ted Cuttitta of HiTor Chimney Sweeps. Ted has been in the business since the late 1970s, and is also regarded as a true expert in the field. Dale and Teddy know each other. Dale actually sat in on Ted’s class at last years Orlando NACHI Convention. Ted is also a NACHI member.

How about the “Chimney Safety Institute of America” ?

NACHI member/trainer Tedd Cuttitta at

Thanks for the feedback, gang-
I thought it may be something some of our traveling NACHI instructors may want to offer on their menu, if qualified . . . .