Do you all want a state-approved, free online course for Claims Adjuster licensing?

We have been slowly developing a course that would be approved for the licensing of insurance claims adjusters, but I was wondering if it is really of interest to anyone.

I am a Accredited Claims Adjuster in FL. Took the classes and learned alot about no fault auto insurance and NOTHING about claims adjusting. Not even a mention of Xactimate so anything you produce would be of a great help to others who might be planning to go that route.

Same here (Public Adjustor). After the class they told everyone, go find someone to mentor you for a few years then you might know enough to do some claims adjusting on your own but have great insurance just in case. Up until recently there were no other available classes on how to learn the job. Now you can go sit in another class for 5 days straight, learn adjusting, how to take offs, etc. and Xactimate software. Figure on about 1200-1500 just for the class.

I have interest in this if for no other reason than it would be another feather in my cap when approaching insurance companies for their inspection business.


I did this work for the Air Force (a self insurer) and would love to incorporate it into what I presently do.

If it will help me get insurance companies to use me for inspections…you bet!
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Yes, swimming pool course too. Thanks Nick

Yes I would be in. I am taking the Haag Res. Roof cert class next month in Vagas.

Yes, I think that this would be another service we can offer to insurance companies.
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It would be cool to get my continuing ed.:cool:

It does not help with roof certs, wind mits or four points. The best thing it does for the inspector is some credibility with insurance agents for wind mits, 4 points and roof certs.

I did it as a back-up plan for inspections. The biggest issue, if you leave to do disaster adjusting what happens to your business. The people with lots of experience and full time jobs get the local stuff. Now, become a Public adjuster and you could use that I suppose.

Anything else that we can put in are arsenal would be great :slight_smile:

Count me in - I need all the education that I can get - HA HA

Yes Nick, I would love that. You wouldn’t have to chase disasters as Shishilla said, at least in my area, there is lots of local work. Tried to get into this before, the costs were high and as someone else said “you have to mentor with someone to get the real info”. :):p:D

Nick, you just keep making iNachi a bigger and bigger education monster.

Sounds like a great addition to the iNachi program!

I’m not interested in starting another career. I may plead ignorance, but I don’t see the relevance to home inspecting.

There is talk about using home inspectors as emergency claims adjusters. I was asked about it over lunch by a former Vice President of a large insurance company about a couple years ago. I gave him my input, and if it ever comes to light, it sounds like it will be worth our while. He was very interested in using NACHI inspectors. If the finished program goes the way we talked about it, I will not hesitate to be the first in my area to sign up.

I say develop the course and the work for inspectors will come.

I don’t know how it would apply in Canada, but I would certainly be thankful for any opportunity to learn something more, that I can add to my credentials. What’s next, Nick? How about infrared thermography?

Sound like a hit to me, would love to do it now that I have until December to do the green building course and retake the exam.

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