Do You Charge To Update Wind Mit Reports?

For example:

  1. Documentation that was not available on day of insp’n was presented later

  2. Improvements were made after the insp’n

In most cases…no.

If no visit required-no.
Charge it off to marketing.

me too

In most cases no. As has been said, if it’s purely documentation and there are no visits needed, then no. If pictures or a return visit is needed and I am able to fit the client in at “my” convenience (as in between two visits in my schedule), then I do not charge. If however, I need to make an isolated trip to update photos etc…, then a minimal charge most likely. I do make those decisions on a case by case basis though.


Hey Pete,

To update information on a component that was present (& inspected) at time of inspection, never.

If a new item was added, such as a missing shutter, ect. We charge a re-inspection fee.

If we are changing forms or the property has been significantly altered, such as a new roof. They will require a new inspection at the standard fee.

If the change is related to some error on our part, No charge!

We mostly never charge. Covering of one or two openings not shuttered that require a revisit we never charge for

I have never charged for updating, including from the old form to the new form.

Any re-visit is always a charge. Gas and my time out of the office are never free.

If you did the legwork the first time, it wouldn’t be an issue…just sayin… :mrgreen:

So your opinions aren’t worth a dime?!

Your truck expenses are all that count?

Figured so…

Oh S h i t ! This is that “Florida Section” no one else can comment on.

Never mind these comments…

If I am wrong or if my answers are in question it is a different story.

If they had to change something and I have to verify it I must get paid.

If they think I am wrong and I prove I am not I get paid.

I have been wrong once so far when a client has requested a reinspection.
There was NO CHARGE to the client.

I am wrong on wind mits I pay. They are wrong they pay .

Simple really.

You mean, that do NOT require a revisit we never charge for. Right? :smiley:

You mean, that do NOT require a revisit we never charge for. Right? :smiley:

Yes, depending on the situation and we don’t have to revisit, we will update based upon homeowner supplied photos and such. No revisit, no charge. :mrgreen:

Jay are you sure? I don’t know if I’d want to sign the form based on the homeowner sending me a picture showing a shuttered window as proof of compliance. Am I being too picky? At least I’ve never done it before.


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It happens. Depends entirely on the situation. Usually a single window or door. Anymore and you would certainly need to return. Pictures with the shutters installed. Receipts for the panels.
In most cases, its a front door with glass in it. Pretty much a no brainer with a picture of the shutters covering the door and product approval for the shutters. All the other openings were protected with rated devices and inspected during the initial visit.

I agree wholeheartdly. :slight_smile:

If I have to go to the house, there is no charge because I will schedule it either to or from another inspection I am doing.

This is where charging more upfront comes in handy! :mrgreen:

I applaud your decision on pricing. Everyone needs to be at a price that works for them. Unfortunately, I feel many are pricing themselves out of business. Ultimately, it’s the consumer that is trying to find the cheapest WM, that is paying the price.

A cheap inspection, is cheap for a reason.

I know I’m only late by 9 years. This would be Just for informational purposes. THe following fees were not always the same, i probably worked for free many times updating reports. Silly me!

-Re-inspection & report update $110
-Change of name on report within days of completion $75 (ex. Borrower was not showing on public records because there had been a QCD)
-revise docs (in-office) and amend report after the fact $65-$75
-all photos are taken with my device to keep for my records with my date stamp and signature.
-I don’t carry filler plates in my pockets to provide when they have empty sockets in the elect panel.
-trip charge $45 (no access or missed appointment)

If anyone feels I’d need to raise these fees lmk