Do you do energy audits?

If so ,you may wish to check out his site.
Actually I think anyone would.

I live in Phoenix AZ in zip code 85215. According to his site it cost me $874 a year to heat my home and only $18 a year to cool it. I think he needs to adjust his numbers a ton. My average summer bill is $250 from June to October. In the other months it averages $100.


His numbers arnt too far off in my area, about $500 bucks higher than my annual. It kinda depends where he starts counting costs. I use Propane, if you remove the dryer, stove and water heater from the figures, hes about $1,200 high.

Mine was pretty close 3695.00, actual is more like 4K, electricity extra.

1800.00 for oil
1200.00 for cord wood (5)
1200.00 for propane

That is what was crazy about mine. The actual annual cost of $1850 is not too far off, I think he has some glitch in the system with regards to heating vs cooling in my area. The heating was way too high, and the cooling was ridiculously low at $18 a year. I bet there are days when I spend $18 to cool, when it is 115+ outside.


How big is that home??

It’s a 10 room post and beam colonial, 175 years old, about 2500 square feet.

1/2 the attic isn’t insulated, neither is anything in the basement. Some exterior walls are insulated some aren’t.

I am applying for a grant from the utility company for some upgrades. If qualified the home will receive 4500.00 for air sealing and insulation.

Have you done the blower door test yet? Was it under 15-20 ACH.

When I ran an insulation/airsealing/windows/siding/etc compaay, I did one on a large farmhouse across the road from me in the mid 80’s…could not get enough pressure for 3 decent readings with a fan that exhausted up to 5500 cfm!!! Divided the house in 2…got an average of 23 ACH!! Her engineer son was home visting and was quite impressed with our equipment and reporting of problems. (we also had the walls scanned)

But the owners were dumb and hired a freindly competitor to add more insulation to an attic with average R22 rockwool already in it. That winter after they noticed little to no savings, I got a call from them to our inspection company (they didn’t know we owned it) that we ran in a city 30+ miles away. She said she got our name from a very trusted, knowledgeable person and would like a consultation.

I told her “We had already done a consultation and it appears our report was disregarded!!” She then realized she was talking to me living across the road from her, got flabbergasted and hung up the phone!!! Never did get another call from them…really didn’t need the work from them…we were in the middle of a period of multiple gov’t grants and had 3 trucks and up to 13 men on the go at times.

Did you just buy it or is it a long term builder’s problem…got to fix other peoples’ homes before you get home tired to work on your own…Been there, done that!

My first house was 180-200 year old post and beam cape Cod style…bought it and a couple acres for $9,500 in 1980…new foundations, three new dormers added, totally re-wired and insulated, any new ineterior walls were hand plastered…still has 85% of the original clapboard…saved the shed which had separated and was falling off the main house. Bought from a farmer I worked for as his dairy herdsman for a year…sold it to his sister as a retirement home.

It’s my house been here 20 years.
New furnace
new windows/doors
new roof
new kitchen
new bathroom
new addition next to the pool
new well pump
new water treatment system
new septic system

Time for the building envelope!!! Even last on the list for a builder, why is that???