Do you do mold sampling without E & O insurance

Anyone out there doing mold sampling without e & O insurance?

I have yet to find a home inspector that has E&O for mold or Chinese Drywall inspections. I doubt anyone will answer your post question.
Have a good contract, and tell yourself it’s the right thing to do. Florida will require E&O for mold July 1, 2010.

Our business is up again this year, looks like about 23%, around the same as last 4 years. We place the client first. If you don’t qualify for insurance, how can you say you have the clients interest at heart.
More like their bank account is more important that the client.

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Is there home inspectors who inspect a home with E/O? Just think about it.

I am not sue what you mean James.

The reason why nobody answered your question is E/O is a business decision that is very important. The main factor, depends on how much mold testing an inspector is going to perform? Also are you going to explain what the lab report says to the customer, or will you just hand them the lab report and collect your money and head down the road.
E/O insurance has been heavily debated on this message board. Everybody having their own opinion on the subject. Some inspectors use E/O to protect their business while others use it as a selling point, and some have found E/O insurance to actually encourage lawsuits.

Say what is that? looks like some kind of black stuff on the wall? I have no idea what that is! We should test it to see if its mold or not:shock:

How many of you that do Mold testing can understand the lab reports say other then its mold ?



I think that is what Doug has been trying to say. It takes proper training to read a lab report and understand what to do with the data. If a home inspector is just going to perform preliminary testing and not comment on the lab results than an argument can be made if O/E insurance is even needed.

I do mold Identification every day… I see the stuff on a wall I put that in my reports. If I go to the Refrigerator to get an Orange and it has fzuzzzz or some blue/green stuff on it. " Hey mold " No need to test it. Unless your an [size=2]industrial hygienist your not going to understand what all that information is saying… [/size]

[FONT=Verdana]I think my point is that the question is irrelevant; I don’t believe home inspectors can get E&O for mold or Chinese Drywall. Home inspector E&O does not cover mold.
I maybe wrong, certainly won’t be a first, but Russell (a CIE) is the only home inspector in Southwest Florida that I know of, that qualifies for insurance (E&O-mold).

We will know for sure in 6 months, at least in Florida. New law regardless of whether license is issued requires mold assessors to have $1 million mold E&O- July 1,2010.
New NOCA 1100 standard concerning IAQ certifications will be a factor-

I received an email today concerning court cases involving mold inspectors with “certifications” which don’t meet the 1100 standard. Apparently even the IRS is changing things regarding certification bodies that don’t meet the NOCA 1100 standard.
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Been over a week and no one really answered your question as I suggested.

Any mold inspectors, preliminary testers or mold assessors have E&O for mold that also perform home inspections?
That would probably be a better question.
Subject is like an extra martial affair, no one wants to talk about it. Just ignore the truth and everything will be fine. If you don’t qualify for the E&O insurance to do the job, there must be a reason.

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