Do you get these Q's often

Ok, after 16 yrs in business I still find it amazing some of the questions people come up with,

  1. Why did they paint the room that color? My answer, They just didn’t have your exquisite taste for colors. :roll:

  2. Why do they have that type of window covering / shade? Again, not equal to your exquisite taste. :roll:

  3. Why did they install that type / color of carpet? again Lack of your exquisite taste. :roll:

But the best one was, I know it’s an EXTERIOR Question !!! but still great

  1. How will I know when that 8 ft retaining wall has fallen over? It will be much easier to climb up the dirt bank it will have instead. It will be lower than the dirt on top of it. It will be in HORIZONTAL position instead of VERTICAL position. :roll:

Ok lets hear some of your favorites client questions. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Wait , wait,…what is a furnace?

Can my husband fix this?

It’s a brand new home, so it doesn’t need inspecting



no the best one…“Well it has been that way for 20 years with no problems”


Well, does it pass or fail? :roll:

It looks like new wall coverings and we want to remove the wall. Will there be any problems in there when we open it up? :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you inspect the fire extinguisher in the pantry?
Yes! see the dust

OH, and the favorite- How long will it last?

my reply would be…well until you use it or the house burns down…either way it will only last until then…:slight_smile:

Not really a question but I often hear: It was like that when we bought the house and it ain’t never burnt down (at this point they usually spit in a Coke can).

I can’t believe nobody’s said the ubiquitous “would you buy this house?” yet. :smiley:

Oh dear…John wins that one…yeah I hear that one alot but come on now…when you point out a defect don’t you get the " but is has been that way for 20 years comment more"…come on now…be honest fella…:slight_smile:

Some of the craftier ones want to know if I’d let my daughter buy this house. :smiley:

Starting an inspection on a 50 year old house listed as: “As-Is / Fixer” I asked the client what was their major concerns, The client replied, I’m concerned about everything. :mrgreen:

I say “No” I already have one! :smiley:

Is this going to take what, about an hour?

Some of my memorable favorites:

“But if I close up the hole, where will the squirrels sleep at night?”

“Why do I need a drip leg? I thought natural gas was a gas.”

And last, but not least, from an irate seller running out of the house as the client and I discussed some recently painted (but obviously rotted) soffit and fascia…

“What in G** Dm Hl are you fellers starin’ at so d**m hard out here?”



So , would you buy this house? in my mind( yes and I would flip it and sell it to the first idiot who bought it ), and hopefully get the inspection!!