Do you give buyer, seller, Agent instructions to prepare for the inspection

So that the inspection can be done thoroughly? And is not a waste of everyone’s time. I wrote a blog about it. Did I miss anything?

Frank, why do you say " If it happens to be winter and you are in a cold climate zone" when you’re in San Diego? 99% of the people who are going to call you, ice and snow is of no concern.

IMHO, I think your blog should be about YOU and the areas YOU serve, and less generic content.

Or, even if you are considering serving the mountain areas where it does snow to be part of your territory, then get specific with area names.

Otherwise the average guy sitting on the beach in San Diego looking for a home inspector is going to think you just posted generic filler content and that you didn’t actually put any thought into it and blow you off as they guy doesn’t put any thought into what you do.

This is what I was told, your blog should not be about your business in particular, but more informational on this related to your business. David in San Diego may read it and share it with Paul in Canada because of the snow reference. The blog is for SEO with Google, not really an advertising medium for your business. Your website already has plenty of that. It makes sense to me. And I was told this by some smart people. Smarter than me when it comes to SEO. By the way, Ian, did you + or Like it while you were there? Thanks

That is true to a large extent.

But at the same time, there has to be a reason people want to read your blog.

I tailor all my articles to relate to my specific location. As such, I’ve had several of my articles picked up and included in realtor email blasts with a link back to my site.

Once day I got a call out of the blue from a Realtor I never met who told me she stumbled upon my blog, and she was so impressed with one of my articles that she put it on HER facebook for her clients to read and said she would add me to her rotation of inspectors. And then another person I know called me and said “oh, I didn’t know you knew (name of realtor), but I saw your article on her facebook”. I don’t get that kind of traction writing about ice and snow, I get it from writing about factors that are specific to my area.


Thanks Nick

It snowed in Temecula last month.:slight_smile:

10"+ here yesterday. :twisted: