Do you guys get overly excited?

Do you guys overly excited when you find new defects. I was way to excited when I found that floor furnace with the cracked heat exchanger. Today I found my first drum trap and I literally said cool out loud and smile. LoL I think I have way too much finding defects.

I feel that way many times myself and it is OK because it means you are helping your client.
Good job.

Today I had for sale by owner and actually took the seller around his own property explaining everything which was good because he had a few things I had not seen before on his property including a 1928 Ford…:slight_smile:

Plenty of drums in this area, and they don’t sound like music. :wink:

Sure they do as they go “gurgle” gurg,“gurgle” gurg.
Then when I open from below you will here Aaaaaaah!!! Da-nit all over the neighborhood.:twisted:

Well for some, Bob, that is music to their ears. :slight_smile: