Do You Have a Hissy Fit About Inspectors Operating Breakers or Valves To Inspect?

I don’t care, that’s up to the individual.

What, no poll???

I’m sure Bob will help if you need it!

Who cares?! To each their own.

Who Cares?

Cool Poll
Chris voted Yes to all 4 answers

I love flipping breakers. I feel like i’m in the movie top gun flying a tomcat.
Talk to me Goose! Tell me if the water heater is bad…

you do realize
that this post is in** Visible to All** portion of the Forum
will be Google searched / crawled by morning…

No sense of humor??

A well informed individual may do what they think is best for themselves or clients… if they are a ding-bat, they wouldn’t understand what we’re talking about anyway.

What are we talking about?

I’m a moody person>>><<<sometimes. :mrgreen:

First I ever saw anyone vote 25 % in each choice

That’s cause his wadded panties come in different colors… :mrgreen:

not considered that about chris

Shh…don’t go there Stevie. :slight_smile:

I told someone I do not do it often and that I did not recommend them doing it due to a scorched outlet and they choose to anyway.

Surprise, Fire shot out of the outlet.

I voted no cause the ones that do, I assume they know what they are doing.

Don’t Care- Well I care if someone does and shouldn’t. It is not a recommended practice to start flipping when you don’t know what is flippin. :mrgreen: