Do you have a link to this free pdf on your website for Spanish-speaking clients?

Hey Nick thanks. That may come in handy here is South Florida.

What does a guy have to do to get you to put all the awesome InterNACHI books on PDF?

I would think that was the best thing since sliced bread. It would be great because we could search them for phrases and such and show homeowners facts right in the field off of our tablets and such.

Just an Idea.

When is the hillbilly one coming out?

Buy them for $9.99 each:

The $9.99 is how we fund their development and fund their upgrades. The pdf downloads are continually getting better. Most of the original graphics have been redrawn and all of the text has been tweaked by subject matter experts over many years.

Oh I did not know the pdf’s were for sale. Do you get free updates when they change?

For you… yes.

Mike, we publish General Contractor’s editions for GCs like you and I. They are written in big font and at a 2nd grade level. Even I can understand them. LOL!

Sounds Perfect :slight_smile: