Do you have GPS?

Sure do,
That way I don’t miss my wife when driving to inspections because it tells me what to do and where to go. The one advantage is that it doesn’t get pi***** when I don’t listen and obey.

Yep. I think it makes me a safer driver because I am not looking at a piece of paper with directions and wondering if I am in the right area. I love it. It also lets me tell the customer when I will arrive if they call.

Absolutely; it gets me right to or very close to any address…also is a great tool for fishing and hunting! :wink:
BUT…there is no substitute for knowing how to read a map and use a compass in the wilds! :slight_smile:

I never leave home without my Garmin GPS. The only thing I need is an attachment to tell me when there are traffic jams and construction.

Nice big 10 inch screen so I can see all the detail. Streets and trips gives me a much bigger and usable map than the four inch GPS units and the ACER acts as my back-up lap top.

I guess if you are late coming home at night, the wife can track you or even turn off your car…???