Do you have High Resolution images for InterNACHI's Electrical Book?

We have all the images we need.

Thank you everybody! I will begin to ship the books out tomorrow! :slight_smile:

I’d also be willing to pay you $$$ for them.

48 Zinsco CBP
86 service entry feed pipe rust damaged/exposed cables

86-damaged feed pipe.JPG

48-Zinsco CBP.JPG

Please email these to

And include your shipping address so we can send you books!

Beautiful install but someone screwed up…I emailed to Kim.

just sent over a bunch

Can I dropbox them to you?

Sending multiple Hi-res pics through an email would be a prohibitive file size.

I’d be glad to send some!

AOK Kim & thank you.

I sent a few over.

Just emailed you over 8.

Great pictures everybody, keep them coming! :slight_smile:

Yes, you can also send them to me through Google Drive.
But make sure when you share them, you have them set so I can edit and save them.


Hope you get mine… Says attachments was about 32mb in size… Didn’t realize it was that big with all the pictures until after I hit send…

Thanks Ken

Nope - it failed - too large - so breaking it down into several emails…

Ken, try sending them via Google Drive if you can.

I sent in a handful, most from the same inspection, about five minutes into the inspection I said “wow this house has a lot of outlets”, the nice little old lady says “my husband was a licensed electrician”. I thought well good, then I got back to his add on utility room:shock: This was the way I found this panel. Just one of a long list of issues in that very long report.

Kim, just uploaded to Google Drive and sent you the link - permission to edit…

Thank you Ken!

I send you a bunch via dropbox last night. :slight_smile: