Do you have kids? Meet me at Del Vecchio's and I'll feed them all for free.

very nice

Can I bring Mike Meekers?:smiley:

I only have one :slight_smile:

NICK, I asked on the brotherhood but did not get an answer. What do you have planned for the kids?

I would like to know so I can see if my daughter would like to attend.

Sounds like a free meal lol

I know that much :slight_smile: and the food is awesome at that but my loyalty is with my Daughter having a good time :slight_smile:

I’m just feeding every InterNACHI member who has kids. I’m also forming the Weston Chapter.

So you have to bring kids to be a member of the Weston chapter? Are you bringing your kids? :lol:

Anyone can join the Chapter. However, there is no presentation Monday night. I’m just feeding families with kids. If you are an InterNACHI member and bring your kid(s)… It’s “All you can eat” night.

Well! It would be nice if you did this every once in awhile around UF…Gainesville .
University of Florida… Yep!

It’s just a chance for everyone with kids to be with other members with kids. Food is awesome at Del Vecchios.

Amazingly generous as always :slight_smile: Thanks.

Cool thanks Nick.


Thanks for a great time and great dinner. It was nice seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

Thanks Mike. It was great to meet your lovely family.

Thanks, they are my Pride & Joy :smiley: