Do you have mold E&O?

I was purchasing supplies from a testing lab, and mold insurance came up. While this individual said that he/she would never tell an inspector that they shouldn’t have insurance, he/she said that the majority of those doing mold testing did not carry insurance as they were basically just glorified sampling takers, and the lab carried all the risk. I am weighing out my options whether to do any mold testing such as the limited sampling or mold screening or wait to get the E&O. I did take the ESA, CMIA Course, but mainly to learn more about molds and the conditions they thrive in…still undecided if I will implement this as a service. What thoughts do you have about mold E&O?
If you would rather speak in a non-public venue I would be glad to call you
or you pick the means.
Gerald Wilcox

I carry it. However, I often do some remediation specifications and inspections. I go beyond sampling. If you are doing sample collection without insurance, then you should purport yourself as an agent for the lab ONLY. You know NOTHING about mold and are just there doing a perfunctory task. When you get the report, you hand it over to the client WITHOUT COMMENT. If they have questions, they should contact the lab.

Now- Thats how it should work. But when mommy contacts zealous lawyer because baby boy has mold related respritory problems, who’s name will come up first- Local ABC Inspection Company, or XYZ Labratories in Pickatown, USA?

Thanks John, I may go ahead and purchase this (E&O mold). I was curious if the lab person that I spoke with was correct in that most mold sampling is done without insurance. I suppose that I won’t hear from many inspectors saying that they are doing mold sampling and they do not have insurance.
I appreciate your comments.
Gerald Wilcox