Do you inspect kitchens and bathrooms for compliance with the Fair Housing Act?

If not! Why not?
I’ve seen in the past new residential construction that didn’t comply.
If you know someone that is wheel chair bound then you would inspect for compliance. Yep!
It is hard enough just being in a wheel chair and dealing with the common task we take for granted, and then have a contractor mess up the kitchen and bathroom where the wheel chair person doesn’t have proper accessibility…It would suck if you were that person.
It isn’t all that difficult to inspect for proper compliance.
It is very important to expand your inspection knowledge and learn what is required. @cevans

If you don’t know how attached is the guidelines…
Fair Housing Act .pdf (2.0 MB)

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Thanks for posting Roy that was very helpful.

Thank you sir. I know it’s not part of the SOP. However, this should be inspected in my opinion.
Inspector Martin… after you looked at the guidelines it’s not so hard after all is it?

It’s not and I just had an inspection last week for a lady who is disabled. By the time I came off the roof they didn’t want the house anyway, too many issues. Great information thank you for posting it will be very useful to me in the future.

You know what surprises me sir? That we’ll inspect electrical panel., plumbing system, windows and doors, roofs and most all never inspect for compliance in bathrooms and kitchens. This is been around since 1968. It’s a federal rule. And if you know what to call out. No one’s going to argue with you about it

I agree. It’s really good information since most of the homes I inspect have had bathroom and kitchen remodels. I do pay very close attention to egress along with bathroom and shower dimensions. I do recall a lot of this information when I was plumbing hotels as there were specific ADA rooms built unto complex. Roy this is the kind of information I come here for and I really never gave it a second thought until you posted. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good information Roy!

Thanks master Roy! Good information!

@rlewis5 Because I’m retired

@rlewis5 …same as Chuck…retired. :joy: