Do you inspect Solar Systems?

DOE Looks To Spur Domestic Solar Manufacturing

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                          **[FONT="Arial"]DOE Launches $3M Competition To    Spur U.S. Solar Manufacturing**]([/FONT]
              **Manufacturing**]( June 07, 2018
                          **[FONT="Arial"]Protecting American Solar Jobs    Act Rolls Out In Senate**]([/FONT]
              **Federal Policy**]( June 07, 2018
                          **[FONT="Arial"]New Solar Coalition Pushes For    Bold Goals In New York**]([/FONT]
              **State & Local Policy**]( June 07, 2018
                          **[FONT="Arial"]Led By Boston, U.S. Mayors Plan    Large-Scale Renewables Initiative**]([/FONT]
              **State & Local Policy**]( June 07, 2018
                          **[FONT="Arial"]New Solar Project Providing Power    For Erie County, N.Y.**]([/FONT]
              **Projects & Contracts**]( June 07, 2018
                          **[FONT="Arial"]Solar FlexRack Expands Into    Western Canadian Provinces**]([/FONT]
              **Racking & Mounting**]( June 07, 2018
                          **[FONT="Arial"]Florida Power & Light Buys    1,287 Acres For Solar Development**]([/FONT]
              **Utility**]( June 07, 2018
                          **[FONT="Arial"]N.C. Middle Schoolers To Get    Hands-On Renewable Energy Education**]([/FONT]
              **State & Local Policy**]( June 07, 2018
                          **[FONT="Arial"]Cornell Tech Goes Solar In NYC**]([/FONT]
              **Projects & Contracts**]( June 07, 2018
                          **[FONT="Arial"]Energy For All: GRID Alternatives    Announces New Brand For Solar Program**]([/FONT]
              **Installation**]( June 06, 2018

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Thank for the information and updates Frank, Kenton and Roy.
Man, you guys are the best!:slight_smile:

I presently inspect it as part of the roof system. It’s disclaimed on my agreement but I do look for water penetrations and poor fastening and common electrical tie-ins. But I definitely wouldn’t consider it a ‘thorough’ solar inspection.

I think I’m going to drive down to Ian and have him teach me. :wink:

Good for you It is the future and you could be Far ahead of many others . All the best Roy

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Nope … Not enough around my area to take the time to get good on them.

Have not seen one in 4 years or so.

That’s what an inspector needs to fully inspect them… strong familiarity with these specialized electrical systems. Proper wire gauges, conduit materials, and a lot more.
Most inspectors can adequately inspect the standoff penetrations and confirm the presence of a lightning arrestor system and a lockout mechanism for the main disconnect, but it’s important to know your limits. If you don’t even know what there is to learn about inspecting PV, disclaim it!

We are having a large system installed on our home, that also will include panels installed on a 4 unit building we have, a few miles from our home. It is served by the same utility and we are going to also apply energy credits toward that building as we pay the power for it. Since I have to be here for both installs, I plan to immerse myself in it as much as I can to see what I can learn.

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Do you inspect any part of the solar system installation? Or do you totally disclaim it? In my area many of these are installed on tile roofs, and it is not uncommon for their to be extensive damage to the tile. It is also not unusual for their to be no flashing on roof penetrations. I made this short video highlighting some of these issues.

Nice video. Happy to say…no tile roofs in my neck of the woods.


Not in the USA Roy, that’s BS. Our president doesn’t believe in renewable energy and put a big tariff on solar panels. That industry is trying to get by until they can again make a profit. Right now, except for where local incentives make up for their loss, they’re not making any profit. My neighbor just spent $800 million building a PV manufacturing facility in Singapore because he couldn’t afford to do it here, even though he’d have preferred to do it here.

can anyone help with a good training in nyc?

B as in B
S as in S

Trump just gave renewable energy a long-awaited victory

A number of courses are available on inspection of PV systems, but they’re comprehensive courses because you need to understand things as detailed as proper wire gauges. In addition, there are a lot of systems and components that have been used over the years just like in home electrical systems.
A full PV system inspection is definitely separate from a general home inspection and it carries a lot of liability, since those systems can and have killed people. You won’t become qualified in a couple of days.

Inspecting the mounts, flashing and water entry issues seems like part of a basic roof inspection.
Solar thermal is easy to inspect. PV… no so much, there are a lot of systems out there and gets very technical very fast.

Thanks for this link. Taking this free course now.