Do you inspect these?

Does anyone inspect storm shelters?

HPIM2353.JPG 2.jpg

Not since the 1960’s when I lived there.
What happened to the flowers we painted on it??

Cheech and Chong !!!

That is nice!

Any up here are used as grow rooms . . .
-X :freaked-: :margarit: :raised:



How’d we get back to Cheech and Chong???

Oh, spuds, carrots, whatever - -
we have a short season up here . . .

Backup generator - heat - air – and a good sound system what more is one in need of??

Can you smoke those spuds, carrots things???

I knew some folks who did pretty well with the "whatever"
back in the '60’s.

It’d be handy to have a pipe draining to the septic. :wink:

Ah. A studio condo. Would go for about $375,000 here.

Would go for that here, if foliage was included . .

My van went missing the other day. Now I know what happened to it.


I think I saw it-
was it smokin’?



“Now, as your father probably told you, my name is Matt Foley, and I am a Motivational Speaker! Now, before I begin, I better tell you a little bit about myself so you’ll know where I’m coming from. I am 35 years old… I am thrice divorced… and I live in a van down by the river!”


No, Silly.

Killer Rabbit Hutch.


So they blew the engine too. Damn.