Do you know what kind of roof this is?

This shingle appears to be in sections that snap together. Does anyone know what it is? It was on a “green” constructed house.

Some brand of stone coated steel shingle.

You’ll want to check installation instructions with the way those line up…

Might be Dura-Lok.

Larry is right, does not seem they can install straight.

Oh, the old saying “can’t see it from my house” ;):slight_smile:

Here’s an install guide for Decra: (more offset is shown)

had it on an EIFS house yesterday
looks like Decra shingle
3-courses in one panel
the racking type demarcation isn’t noticeable from the ground

Thank you everyone. Just the information I was looking for.

Metal roofing panels. Possibly Decra

Thanks for the kink Mr, Kage. Haven’t run across it yet in my neck of the woods.
As for laid straight; only the birds will see the difference.:wink: