Do You Know Who is Peeing on Your Air Conditioner?


Fix your post…Red Neck !

Like this.](mailto:?subject=Do%20You%20Know%20Who%20is%20Peeing%20on%20Your%20Air%20Conditioner%3F%20%7C%20Radiant%20Plumbing%20Learning%20Center&

Copying a link from your email program does not always work because of the hidden hypertext in the email used for formatting.

Thanks, Michael. What were the steps to create that link?

Easiest way is to click on the link in your email and then copy the url from your browser address bar.

Then you can paste it to your post using the world with a chain kink icon.

Thank you, Michael.

Learn something new everyday…I just copy the url from my browser address bar and paste it into “reply to thread” window. That seems to have worked for me. :slight_smile: