Do you light gas fireplaces?

Chip everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Its their business and can operate it any way they feel is appropriate. I have always been of the opinion that the SOP is just a minimum standard. We are like so many other business we must compete for business. My way of competing has always been (do more Charge more) and that means in most cases exceeding the standard SOP and to do that a lot of education is required and that includes the safety aspect of all I do. I walk roofs that most consider as unsafe. I light pilot lights. I measure amp draws in electrical panels. I use the thermal camera in every inspection. I measure amp draws on electrical furnaces and on electrical heat strips for HP’s. I operate A/C units below that magic # of 60 degrees and the list goes on and on.

I have trained to do these things I do and how to do them safely and because of what I do it takes me across the whole state of Okla:mrgreen:

Let me think … I lit the gas pilot BUT did not light the wood burning fireplace; the boiler with no pilot lit and gas turned off; I did not light the water heater or gas furnace with gas turned off BUT when I got to the F/P we lit it.

NO Thank You. AND we don’t carry matches OR lighters and don’t smoke.

BUT if they want I’ll let the REA or buyer do it.

Sorry Dan your not thinking your reacting to a weak SOP:p

How many have discussed this with their Insurance Provider?

I have and it is considered bad practice by insurance companies as a general rule of thumb.

If you decide to activate something that is shut off and damage occurs then you are most likely on your own insurance wise.

Remember the property is not yours.

You decide to turn on a water valve or a gas valve on your own without permission from the homeowner? Good luck.

If something goes wrong then the GL ins. provider may very well say they aren’t covering that.

I had one yesterday and the pilot light went bad, Tank was full, shutoff was open and the fireplace would not light. The sellers did not use the fireplace in the 8 years they were in the home. Now my client can get the appropriate repairs to have this fireplace fixed prior to closing. BTW I did not stick my face in it! :lol:

Good job. I’m sure your client appreciates having a thorough inspection.

If the pilot is out …NO!
Same for their pool gas hot tub.
All should be lit before I get there.
I have horror stories to tell you when I did it…SO! No!
Nor will I fire up their gas water heaters…Nope!

Yes. I’ve lit hundreds of them. I prefer that my competition remains scared of their shadow though

Yup, to me it would be like…sorry I don’t light gas ovens or ranges!

Yip those kind of guys don’t last long always looking for a reason to not do something.

I prefer to look for a way to do something;-)

Pilotlightophobia can be overcome with therapy and a little self-coaching

You don’t even have to look far. The instructions are on the damn thing. :slight_smile:

Yep. Sorry, the instructions are right there, But I want you to do try it when you move in when I’m no where around.

For me it’s not knowing how or why to light them, it’s simply a matter of time. Some gas lines take forever to “purge” and get gas to the fixture. I had a fireplace this week that was off. The owner happened to be present, so I asked him if he could get it going so I could report it as operating vs. the opposite. He obliged. About 20 minutes and curse words later, he got it going to show me. Of course the fan wasn’t working either right away, until it got up to a certain temp. Another 10 minutes to make sure the fan kicked on (which it did.)
I also do a lot of winterizations/dewinterizations. Getting gas to the water heater can sometimes take forever and can be a PITA. I sometimes have to take unions apart, to “speed things up.”
You can do what you want, but as far as I’m concerned, Mr. Seller or Mr. Listing Agent, do some due diligence & have the property ready for the inspection.
My job is hard enough, takes a lot of time, patience, and energy as it is, and I simply do not have the spare time to change your light bulbs, light your fireplaces and water heaters, investigate why your breakers are off, etc. It’s your choice, deal with it now or later when the buyer gets to the Not Operating/Functioning as Intended portion of the report.