Do you like Home Inspectors

Do you like Home Inspectors

About 98% are great and want to help others
Those I like very much ,
The others I do not dislike But??? sure would be nice if they changed just a bit … Roy

Now I see you want me to vote

I love them. This profession is awesome. Constantly changing. You have to know so much about so much. You have to be able to investigate, write, and communicate. They can never replace us with robots, sub us out to India, or download us for free.

And best of all, everything in the universe continues to fall apart.

I love this entire industry. I can’t get enough.

I am a knowledge grabber and that is what InterNachi is all about.
I love to protect people even if it means going over local code.
I love helping new ones find the right home.
I love to solve problems that many don’t have clue about.
I love the support you get from true professionals.
I love the InterNachi association and all it has done for me.
I do not like those that try to destroy the MB or those that treat it like a means of elevating themselves above others.
So my vote is clear Sometimes.

Interesting question :smiley:

I seem to like most home inspectors on this forum but I’m not fond of any home inspectors within 50 miles of me. Ogden, Utah is my turf and no other home inspectors are welcome.

I’m not a big fan of violence or firearms but I am willing to do what’s necessary to protect my territory. It’s nothing personal, it’s just business:mrgreen:

You’re the only one I like Brian. Where have you been?

Did you break up with her or what? :slight_smile:

I thought Linus liked me so my day was just ruined for the second time as today’s inspection got blown when I found the gas off and water on in a 3 story townhouse which means my moisture meter better be working when I go back.

You’re still me favorite local inspector. That will be our little secret.:wink:

Whew! I’m 156 freeway miles away. I’m safe.:stuck_out_tongue:

Fun thread so far IMO. :smiley:

Nick’s post is my favorite as or yet.

And Linas a close second. :cool:

You just don’t want to tell us if you broke up.:slight_smile:

**Don’t trust him !!! **

** **

:shock: :shock: :shock: