Do you like this Ontario InterNACHI logo?

I agree with the statement above. We should show our provincial colours and logo to standardize at the provincial level.

It’s great to see more attention for Ontario.

Thanks Nick.


No idea what permission is required but we are Canadians First and foremost .
I think we should go for Complete coverage with what
The whole world recognizes the Maple leaf .
I have it on all my flyers and fly it alternating with our arm services flag all the Time in front of my home .
Google did my home when I had Maple leaf at 1/2 mast after we lost another Soldier . Drag the orange boy over to the map,Brighton+Ont&um=1&ie=UTF-8&ei=05SXTK6AJsP68AbI7riNDA&sa=X&oi=mode_link&ct=mode&ved=0CAoQ_AU

What’s happening with the Logo? I believe that we should keep it as a national logo. The original one is great.:smiley:

I agree we are one country and trying to have 13 different logo’s is not the best idea …

can we have one for Quebec…why not do one for all of the provinces of Canada and all of the states in the US???

Go to for the logo we use in Alberta. If you want the maple leaf use it instead of the provincial coat of arms.


quebec nachi.JPG

i like, but for quebec it should be in french. And of course for Quebec there should be some fleur-de- lys action on a grand scale.


Actually, There should be one logo for Canada and a seperate logo for quebec…

just joking

lololl you seperatist!!! kidding

i cant find a way to bend the text…

Hi Nick:

As a new member I took a look at the Ontario logo. My thoughts would be to insert within the confines of the red house the Provincial Flag or Emblem for each province (similar to Alberta). This would provide one unified logo for Canada (the Maple Leaf), and allow each province to have recognition for their territory by virtue of the flag/emblem.

This is especially true in Quebec where there has been quit a bit of cultural issues attached to anything that tries to get started within this province. In addition, as an Association trying to get more focus and professional recognition, the Federal and Provincial governments in Canada would look more favorably toward an entity that recognizes there are cultural differences within Canada and that we as an association recognize this, while at the same time allow for individuality among the provinces.

Each Chapter for a specific region could assign a name under the logo to designate this for identification purposes. I think it is important that an organization as well focused and organized as InterNASHI should strive for uniformity and continuity to become the leaders that others want to follow, not follow those that exist simply because they may have been the first in an area to set up and get early recognition for participating in the industry.

Just my thoughts, maybe too much for a new member. I would like to see InterNACHI succeed in Canada, and to do that you need to know the culture.

Kind regards,
**DEW Technology Centre
D. Walker B.A., A.Sc.(Eng.), C.E.T., (M) ASCE, NSPE
Technical Specialist

Dwight…I LIKE IT!!!

A BC one would be controversial !

Don`t change a thing Nick, it looks great. Personally I think it would work for all provinces.

Nick, how about incorporating this into this logo The first Ontario logo was from this My graphic knowledge is pretty limited and I couldn’t layer them.

Just a suggestion

Although I am not from Ontario, I am 100% Canadian and from Brossard Quebec.

The Logo looks good!

Canada - A Mari Usque Ad Mare (English: From Sea to Sea; French: D’un ocean à l’autre) is the Canadian national motto.


I like it a lot. The red is nice by people may have difficulty with it when it comes to lining up with their own company colours and subsequent marketing material. My vote would be to make the red a solid black. The Maple leaf alone makes it obviously Canadian!

How is the work on logo going?

Hi Nick,

Are we allowed to use this Ontario InterNACHI logo for the time being? Is there a permanent one yet?? Thanks for your time and keep up the great work! Much appreciated!


Michael Courtemanche
I-Team Home Inspections

Nice Mr.Massie. I like that LOGO.:slight_smile: