Do you like Windows XP

Do you like Windows XP

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Save Windows XP! The clock is ticking](
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Microsoft plans to end most sales of Windows XP on June 30, despite a deep reluctance by many business and individuals about moving to Vista. InfoWorld believes such an expensive, time-consuming shift with problematic benefits should not be forced on Windows users, so we have decided to rally XP users to demand that XP be kept available. more

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Sign the “Save XP” petition
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Join the 41,185 people so far (as of 5p PT on Jan. 18) who have had signed our online petition to demand that Microsoft not stop OEM and shrinkwrapped sales of Windows XP as planned on June 30, 2008, but instead keep it available indefinitely. more](

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The latest “Save XP” articles, podcasts, and more
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The latest news, commentary, audio, and video about the “Save XP” campaign. more](

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Learn more on why XP should be saved
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There are many reasons businesses and individuals want to stick with XP, rather than replace it with Vista. Check out some of the reasons from InfoWorld’s analyses and other sources. more](

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Submit your own “Save XP” video
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InfoWorld encourages you to contribute your own videos on why Windows XP should be saved. (Although our plea is serious, why not have some fun at the same time, right?) more

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All operting systems are replaced at some point.

Just because Microsoft may stop selling XP later this year doesn’t mean they will stop supporting it. We are years away from that happening.

I like XP and have found Vista fine with some neat features.As more developers program for Vista and mfgs. provide the appropriate drivers for their hardware Vista will likely become OPS of choice.

BTW-Microsoft stopped supporting Window 98 in July of 2006. A pretty long run IMHO

Yes but I am going to be buying a new computer and it is still available now but if I get one later It will not be available.

Vista sucks
Many users are going to Mac (because of not liking Vista)
Microflub is blowing it as we see them slowly slide away.
P.S I heard they will stop supporting XP with updates this year.

Funny how Microsoft keeps trying to emulate the Mac operating system.

Please provide a source for that info Bob.

I have a Vista tablet and it’s been fine thank you.

My desktop and other laptop are XP.
Everything is working fine to date.:smiley:

Roy, If you want you can by XP on a new machine now and upgrade to Vista if needed later. Just make sure the machine you buy will work well on Vista.

Yes I know that .
I expect XP could last me till the end of my life or till the new computer is obsolete .


All new machine sold today in my area have Vista.

I had to buy a refurbished laptop last year just so I could have XP.

Go here you can have one tomorrow …


You guys can always hold onto the XP CD that comes with your computer and put it on your new machine. To be honest I’m running XP, Vista and Mac. Vista is very similar to XP once you turn the extra security off. Do that and you basically have an XP machine that has a shinier interface and uses a bit more system resources.

Bob, I really doubt MS will stop support XP this year, they might not release any new service packs but they will definitely support it and release patches for years to come. There are large fortune 500 businesses that have refused to upgrade.

There is a large movement against Microsoft, and it’s not just via Mac. The UK released a document last week telling all schools to avoid upgrading to Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 and instead to look into using Ubuntu (Linux) and OpenOffice. I helped set up a school with 600 computers running Edubuntu (educational version of Ubuntu) and OpenOffice. Several US states have also switched their entire government offices off of MS Office and to OpenOffice as well.

Why are they saying to avoid Office 2007, Dominic?

It’s amazing the fear of change Vista is a wonderful OS I have been using it for over a year now and it is great the only time it is slow is when the system initially starts up and shuts down (remember when xp came out it was very slow until they released the first service pack) otherwise it is very powerful. The program has many cool features most of which I don’t use on my laptop since my screen is small. The big thing I like is that the program is intuitive enough that even my semi computer illiterate dad was able to make system changes with my help over the phone as apposed to xp where i had to drive to their house and make the changes.

In regards to people going to mac more power to them however your talking about a machine that only 8% of the world uses according to apple themselves so compatibilty is an issue. But hey its a free world people can use what they want.

My point is in a long winded way is dont be afraid of Vista it is strong stable and reliable.

Because it’s not worth the cost of the upgrade. You’re talking about thousands of schools each having hundreds of computers. Figure $150 for Office 2007, x 200 computers per school x 26,000 schools (approximate data for 2006 school year) = 780 MILLION dollars in savings by using (free). When you do the same math by switching to Ubuntu (free) rather than getting a vista upgrade, you end up saving another 780 million or so. Now you’ve saved a total of about 1.5 Billion dollars using free software :mrgreen:

I have XP on two systems and Vista on two and frankly find little difference between the two. I was afraid that one of the machines that I had to upgrade from XP to Vista would have some to the problems that we have heard so much about ( hardware compatability issues for example) but so far it has been clear sailingggggggggggggggggggg ing gggggggggggggg

The problem with keeping an XP machine for a long period, beyond the lack of updates and support is that the longer Vista is around the fewer programmes will be available / written for it it it it it it it it itttttttttttttttttttttt%#$%. rowrowrowyourboatgentlydownthstream - - I’m sorrydaveIcan’t dothat.

The idea that Vista is driving PC users to apple is an urban myth.
th :shock:

I agree, I actually primarily use Vista. I’m a bit dissapointed with it’s quad core performance as my computer still ends up slowing down (of course the 30 windows I have open might have a LITTLE to do with it). I’m looking forward to the next service pack though.

Then again that new Mac Air looks verryyyy nice :smiley:

I definitely wouldn’t call it an Urban myth. It’s not Vista on it’s own though that’s driving the move. It’s the fact that when it comes time to upgrade you have a choice. Now that apple runs on intel hardward the prices have come way down, speed is up and Mac are now ‘sexier’ to society. I know quite a few businesses that have switched to mac rather than buy new machines. They just decided they might as well try it now.

I was a huge anti-mac person for a long time due to the cost of their machines being 3 times as much as a pc. Especially when I was building hundreds of machines a year for schools, it didn’t make financial sense to buy a $3,000 machine when I could build a machine for $400. But their prices have come way down. Now that Macs are so cheap, people consider them an option.

You have to look no further than the current ad which pits Mac against Pc

Fantastic campaign, this is in part why the trend is changing a good advertising campaign.

Just jumping in before I jump out.
Sorry , I read they would stop service packs as Dom stated.
Why pay for M.S word as Open Office is free.
Also there is another free option I have mentioned before which has upgraded much as HIP has to the point where it is just as good as open office with the additional option of doing it all on line.
This means you can begin a doc at home and finish on any other computer.
It is by nature a good way to protect your work and store it .(free)

Everything about MacBook Air has been streamlined. And then streamlined again. Except for the things that shouldn’t be, starting with the full-size, backlit keyboard and 13.3-inch widescreen display. On the inside (yes, there’s an inside), it boasts an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of memory, and amazing wireless capabilities. Mobile computing suddenly has a new standard. MacBook Air. [Watch the guided tour](