Do You Live in a HAPPY State?

Here’s the list.

Louisiana #1. 1/3 of my inspections are from LA. transplants.

I am sure AZ moved happier since I got here. :smiley:

Tennessee, North Carolina, Colorado, now Idaho-
I’ve been staying on the happy side of the fence!

Maybe not, but I’m perpetually happy :smiley: 'specially with the chance to become a CPI :cool:

Happy, as in refreshments.

Florida #3 “What, Me Worry?”

isn’t that why they invented Happy Hour ?

"Re: Do You Live in a HAPPY State?"

Oh, yes…ever since I met Jack Daniels.:D:D(hic)*

I’ve partied in everyone of those States except Hawaii, and was always in a happy state. :margarit:

We’re happy in O-(HI)-O)

TN # 4 Number 1 in my heart.

Oregon didn’t make it. I’ll have to wipe this :smiley: off of my face.

Good ole #48

Well, it looks like Maine made the list of Happy People,
Damn I am glad I missed the boat to being happy. ;):mrgreen: