Do you need a scooter

I have an electric mobility scooter to sell. Battery is shot. I will sell for a good price but I am not sure what it is worth. make an offer. I am in Broward.

I am offering it here before to the general public. I would rather give someone I Know of a deal then deal with someone I have never heard of.

scoot (1).jpg

I think your post is in the wrong section. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless he is indicating that all Florida Inspectors are handicapped! :shock:

No it is where I want it. I personally never look for things for sale here. Especially if I personally do not need them.

My thought is MAYBE there is a local inspector who does not even know they want one but MAYBE they will see this and think great I can get it for whoever.

I am just trying to give my fellow members a shot at it before it hits the open market.

What you two do not get Is I think outside of the box.
And I am trying to help out someone in this little dysfunctional family if they need it.

We just find it ironic that you bith about others posting in sections you don’t feel is appropriate, and then you turn around and do the exact same thing you are bithing about.

We have a classified section for a reason.

Lead by example!


Do you have a mouse in your pocket?

I do not care how you or anyone else feels and I am not trying to lead anyone.

I know the effective way to do things and if someone is not looking to buy they will NOT go there.

This is posted for those that were not looking to by but may need it for a family member or friend.

But keep running your mouth so it keeps going to the top and we “me and you” will have a better chance of getting it to a fellow member who may need it.

I cleaned out my storage place and have many other things I will likely sell like a really nice zodiac boat, a engine for it, about new and a lot of other crap but I did not think I could help any other members with all that great stuff so I only posted here what I thought could HELP someone else.

You see I really try to help a lot of folks almost on a daily basis. I just finished a email helping another member with a roof condition report question.

Hmmmmmmmmm ,I wonder why he emails me instead of posting here? Maybe because of folks like you?

How do you get in the attics with that?

Those new attic lifts :slight_smile:

And i thought he was selling himself lol

The Meeker”…“The Scooter”…Yeah, I can see your mistake! :mrgreen:

Mike, forget selling the scooter do a conversion instead.
This is a “Mobility” scooter.

Who knows once Russ sees this he might want one to add to his fleet so the office staff can being stuff to the inspection site.

That is what I would want if I needed one :slight_smile:

Really a strange thread, dont u think so guys??