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"Although 14-gage wire is allowed for many circuits, it’s smart to install heavier 12-gage wiring, which costs a little more but can handle more electrical current, making it safer and more energy-efficient."

I do not agree with this at all. 12 AWG wire is not safer and more energy efficient than 14 AWG wire. One could make an arguement that 14 AWG is safer because it is installed on a breaker that will trip at a lower threshold.

Paul, is saying you should use 12ga on your 15a breakers.
Remember they sell copper for a living. Of course when you safety factor 240.4(D) imposes on 14ga and 12ga wire that is really super overkill. (166% of it’s 60c rating at full 15a load)

Yeah, I love it when folks try to sell the old “it’s safer” BS when suggesting #12 on a 15A breaker. :roll:

I like the tingly feel of a light switch. It helps me find it in the dark.

Just like anything you read… take it for what it’s worth. This link comes from the copper trade association, so they’d really like to sell more copper. That’s sorta their whole goal. I’m sure they could really care less about safety and energy efficiency; they just want to sell copper. The link is neat reading, in any event.

Actaually, I find it disturbing…and I dislike it. A lot…:roll: