Do you open panels while you're standing in snow?

…which is basically frozen water?

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Luckily it’s not an issue as I never see an exterior panel here.
Why are there exterior panels in the West?

So the killer can turn out your lights and then call you. Actually they do it for Firemen.

Yup, wear rubber boots and gloves, but yup. Otherwise would miss about 1/4 the panels (1/2 outside, 1/2 of the year). Just be careful as always.

I did this one wearing Sorels. It was in Empire.

That’s what I mean.

No snow here is Florida, I do get some exterior panels. Did one last week where it started pouring before I could get the cover back on. Nothing happened but you never know.

Snow and rain. What’s the problem? :wink:

As long as you pay attention to where you are sticking your fingers there isn’t going to be a problem.

I’ve been playing with electricity since 1978. I don’t fear it but I respect it.

I’ve seen that in a few movies!

Still seems better to have an exterior main shutoff and have the CB panel on the inside.

Seems to me, if you are wearing PROPER PPE, it’s a non-issue!

I know the subject isn’t “Arc flash”, but one should always wear appropriate PPE!

We rarely have snow in my area, but I often find myself standing in a puddle of water while removing the covers from panels.

If you know how panels are required to be wired, bonded and grounded, you will understand that there is very little chance that water or snow will increase the danger of removing a panel cover.

I would be more concerned opening/removing covers during a lightning storm…

That’s why I was willing to do it. Of course it’s the panels that are improperly wired that are the concern. But… put a voltage ticker on it. Check out the screws holding on the cover, and use some judgement.