Do you own stock in pharmaceuticals?

When a person takes drugs for a medical condition, various amounts of that drug are absorbed by the human body, depending on the drug. That part which is not absorbed winds up in the sewer lines and eventually at a water treatment plant.
Treatment plants are not built to test for and remove many of these drugs and recent testing has shown that they are causing mutations in various organisms and causing problems in endocrine systems.

Watch what happens in Arizona courts, then get ready to see the cost of pharmaceuticals skyrocket as other states join in. Watch stock prices tumble as nervous investors leap from a downbound train.

My sister, 30+, on medicaid (medical) always got antibiotics regardless if she needed it or not. For like colds, depression, squeaky brakes, etc. It was some policy to provide rather than educate, or even say NO FOOL!

Maybe social health programs should stop handing them out like candy.

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And there are some who want to put all of us a socialized health care system go figure.:wink:

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Save Our Sewers! SOS!

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