Do you release your photos to your client

If your client asks for all of the photos you took during the inspection would you release the photos to them. Why or why not?

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Yes ! They paid for them.

They are embedded in the report.

Mine are also, but I may not use all the pics I take.

They paid for the pictures I put in the report and that’s what they get. Can’t see why they would want anymore especially the out of focus or blurry pics, never been asked either…

I disagree. They did not pay for the pictures I took. They paid for my expertise and knowledge. Those are mine and I choose which ones go in the report for relevance. I do not put every picture in the report and the rest are deleted when I finish. I certainly don’t need the client showing me a picture that I gave him that shows something he thinks was missed. They can take their own photos if they want them that bad.

I feel the same about this. Was posting this to see if I was way off or share the same thoughts as other inspectors. I don’t understand why they would want my pictures.

I supply my clients with pictures in the report. The pictures in the report is only about 20% of the pictures I take. I typically store the rest for future reference. Just in case purposes.

PS I wouldn’t delete them. Keep them for future litigation…

I tell them I’ll be taking pics. It is part of the inspection they pay for.
However, I do understand your point.

I might charge for them. Like someone said they get about 20% in the report. I do pdf my report so they are not in a jpeg format. It would be a nuisance to email the large number of pictures. If it was a thumb drive who would pay for that. Who would ship or deliver that. Or even a shared drive would take a while to set up. I guess I would balk at the whole thing.

I know at least one local ASHI inspector who takes no pictures and is in and out in 1 1/2 hour or less with an on site delivered report, amazing!

Would be nice to get it all done in 1 1/2 hours but I would rather be able to sleep at night!

I agree completely. I know this topic has been discussed many times before. There are some very well respected Inspectors that don’t even use any pics other than Only those to show defects. I agree with their methods also. I actually use more than just those on my reports an that is just how I roll, but no way do I give the client all of the pics I took.

Now on a few special occasions I had a relocation inspection where the client could not attend and asked me to take lots and extra pice of everything even all good things, just for their benefit, in those cases I accommodated their requests. I burned the whole set and sent it to them, rare request though.



I have never had such a request.

I take a lot of pics, approx 120 or so on an average and just like most of us, not all pictures become a part of the report. I do however, include pictures of the areas where the client cannot reach/see/go. E.g I include a few pictures of the roof shingles, attic area etc.

I also take a lot of pictures pertaining to ‘limitations’ but I do not include them in my report. But I do keep them on my hard drive forever and ever.

If they ask me for pictures that were not included in the report, I would probably say NO.


I give all my clients all the pictures I take at the inspection.

“I did not receive that picture from my inspector. He withheld information from me. That cluttered basement corner had a major crack behind the stored stuff, and I found it after I moved in and cleaned the basement. My inspector took several pictures of the basement, but only put two in the report of other defects. He did not give me the one that was important to go back to the home seller. It is his fault for not alerting me of the clutter in the basement…”

Give them all the pictures. Put them on a CD. Pictures almost cost nothing, a CD is a quarter. Best money you will ever spend. It saves call-backs.

I tell them - “You already have them. Every picture I took was included in the report.”

What would be the point of taking pictures that DON’T go into the report? Oh yeah, to use for later :roll: Here we go again, right? So I’ll say it now - if there’s something in the picture that tells a story, put it in the report. If it doesn’t tell a story, there was no point in taking it…

Every picture we take is in the report…we have no “extras”…why?

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its the truth

I probably wouldn’t. I take a lot of extra photos of bugs, the scenery, dead animals in the crawlspace, cool stuff I find I the house-stuff like that.