Do You Remove Dead Fronts?

I have always removed dead fronts (unless obvious hazards exist).

Ben G. recommends we do not remove unless we have special training and protection. Just wanted to see what others are doing out there…

If we do not remove should we recommend an electrical contractor do this?

I do it all the time if accessible

What “special” training is Ben referring to? It sounds more like a disclaimer he said or wrote in one of his videos or courses.

In Texas it is a requirement in the State mandated SOP.

I guess I’d recommend you get this ‘special training’ and ppe then. If an inspector can’t look in the panel, they best find a new line of work. I actually did have one client tell me their previous inspector didn’t look in the panel, but rather just scanned it with ir and told him that was sufficient :weird:

Heck no, too scary. :wink:

Can you cite this “special training” you claim that Ben Gromicko suggested?

I remove 'em every day.
Really always make sure my concentration is focused & never take anything for granted.

And stand on your right foot, using your right hand only #KentonSays

Same here in Florida too! I usually don’t mind removing the covers and are always careful as I respect electricity. I hate removing the FPE covers and Zinscos, Breakers come loose sometimes in the Zinsco panel and the FPE is hard to put back on without shutting circuits off.