Do you require elect. water heaters to have collision protection?

Just wondering…

No, only liability, collision and comprehensive are optional.

duh… it is required…

And furnaces, washers, and dryers, too!

That was my question.

Read the top-right column of Page 8.



If gas appliances, I agree.

"IRC G2408.3 (305.5) Private garages. Appliances located in private
garages shall be installed with a minimum clearance of 6 feet (1829 mm) above the floor.
Exception: The requirements of this section shall not apply where the appliances are protected from motor vehicle impact and installed in accordance with Section G2408.2."

No, but I do recommend it…:cool::p:D

As a home inspector you cannot require anything. Just report what you know and cite that portion of the code, if you so desire.

Larry and Bill have it right.


By who’s authority?

Let me change the wording, dipsticks.

“Do you **write up **an electric water heater without vehicle collision protection.”

They are called a “Bollard Post” Here in AZ I think it’s 24" clearance with or without a 4" tire stop in the garage. Most communities here only have em’ with gas units though.

Required by the manufacturer… :wink:

Brian wins the prize!

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I know others said they write it up also, but the manufacturer’s installation instructions is your reference if you’re ever called on it (since it’s not in any code I’m aware of).

2006 IRC says:

Michael, Chapter 13’s scope: “The provisions of this chapter shall govern
the installation of mechanical systems…”

Do you not consider a water heater an appliance and a mechanical system? If not how do you explain figure M1307.2 or M1307.3?

OK. I concede your point. Water heaters are appliances.

But, M1307.3.1 is a sub-paragraph of 1307.3, which speaks about appliances having ignition sources (i.e, gas water heaters). Thus, M1307.3.1 would not apply to electric water heaters. That’s my understanding of the rule. And that is the only mention of protecting water heaters from impact in the IRC.

That then goes to the age-old debate of whether an electric water heater has a ‘source of ignition’ and I adhere to the philosophy that they do. This was recently debated on another thread and can be found by a Search I’m sure. Even M1307.1 says:

If you do not think the thermostat contacts of an electric water heater are capable of producing a spark then it can be rationalized that M1307 does not pertain to electric appliances. I believe contacts can spark and therefore M1307 does pertain to electric water heaters.

Thanks Joe… I love Chicken Fried Steak…the temp would be cooler than here, but the Humidity would knock me down. :smiley:

I suppose it comes down to that argument. However, most AHJs in my area must conclude that an electric water heater does not contain an ignition source, because they don’t require collision protection here.