Do you see something different in this panel?

There is something unusual in this panel. I had never seen it before myself. Can you see what it is?

Pink Romex? (NM)

Looks like a variation of a Canadien panel except where those limit access to the main feed. This looks like individual conductors come out of a trough or wireway under the panel.

The “neatness” of the installation? :smiley:

Those look like they may be recalled AFCI breakers. What was the build date?

Yes it does have the blue AFCI Square D. But as Greg stated it has Pink Romex.

What is underneath that panel that allows the feeder conductors to enter individually?

There is nothing below the panel. The meter and the disconnect are on the other side of the wall on the outside of the house this panel is in the garage.

Interesting, so how do those SEC’s get into the panel, through individual holes?

The meter and disconnect are recess mounted into the wall (stucco) they are fed from underground. The wires are in the wall, in conduit and not visible. Then they run the individual wires from that disconnect to this panel which is next to it just on the other side of the wall. This is treated like a sub panel.

I guess that I’m not seeing it. Surely looks like the three large conductors at the bottom are not run together and enter the panel individually.
If this is a subpanel what’s that bare conductor doing on the neutral bar?

Robert, good call on the ground wire. There has to be some sort of trough. How does this connect to the disconnect outside. Conduit, trough, other? The wires look like they are bent and factory installed. Bizarre… could it be some sort of plug in disconnect to panel connection. I dont like it . What if there was a problem with one of those wires . Good luck changing that.
Oh , and the pink romex is rated G ay

I wasn’t fully understanding what you were asking and wasn’t thinking fully either. I was more focused on why I posted the pick which was the Pink Romex. This is a back to back meter breaker. The meter and main disconnect are below, misspoke when I said next, this part on the outside feed from an underground service. They are connected one on top of the other just open on opposite sides. So it’s not an actual sub panel but looks like one inside the house with no main disconnect inside of it. If you look at where the ground comes in there is a square channel that goes to the other half where the meter is.