Do you serve Spanish-speaking clients? Good news for you from InterNACHI.

Tomorrow, our new in-house English to Spanish translator starts her new job. She will be translating our articles, members’ inspection business websites, and inspection brochures into Spanish.

Another great InterNACHI membership benefit!

Good idea.

Send them back to Mexico.

What is the “official” language of INACHI? :mrgreen:


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Bueno, muy appreciadado. I could use the help.

Thank you for the clarification Nick. Are we going to have to push 1 for it? :smiley:

Could we send her our different inspection agreements for translation? :slight_smile:

This is great please I server a large volume of Spanish speaking home owner I can sure us these additional tools in my website.

This is a thread from last year. Since then, we’ve translated our SOP into Spanish, translated many of our inspection articles into Spanish, built some InspectorPages websites in Spanish, and produced this inspection book in Spanish (which you can link to for your clients to enjoy).

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Linas, if you can’t say something nice, please don’t say anything at all.


If you’re using HIP, I’ve got a comprehensive dual-language template for you.

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Anybody that needs a Spanish speaking translator on an inspection please let me know. I’m looking to be Certified and serve the Spanish speaking community in the Denver Metro areas in the next few months. Any ride alongs or translation services. Please let me know.

Thank you

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