Do you shoot Pool?

I wouldn’t want to bet against him…:shock:

Pretty amazing!!

That’s what happens when you quit school at young age .

That has to be one of the most asinine statements you have made yet on this MB. Do you hate everyone that isn’t an old bastard like you? Oh, that’s right, I forgot… we’re all just jealous.:roll::roll::roll:

She is just laying on the table and all that kid is thinking about is playing with his pool balls. I don’t get it. :smiley:

I see you still have not learned how to talk properly .
You need your mouth washed with soap .

I hate no one .
Looks like you are still the Jealous one

Actually the masse shots are all somewhat easy for a skilled player. A good billiard player, not pool, are better at using english on the ball like that. The biggest key is a live table. Dead cushions are the bane to trick shot players. Fun to watch.

Great find thanks for posting it … Roy

Talking about “dead cushions”. :roll::roll::roll:

The reverse masse shots are nice.
The bumper jump shots are nice.

Other than that the best thing about his act is the blonde.

Is that a young Dominic Maricic?