Do You Take Tank Lid Off Before Flushing


Probably not as often as I should.:wink:

Yes, every time.


I flush and take it off during.

No, here in Ga., we use the bottom part of the toilet, except during family reunions. :wink: P.S. Or when the Vice Squad shows up! :shock:

Just if I need to verify the age of the home.

Depends on where I’m at. Home? No. Inspection? Yes, but only after the flush has started. I used to take it off before flushing, but then a flushing mechanism broke one day and sprayed water everywhere before I could get the lid back on. Now I can remove the lid carefully, and if water is spraying everywhere, I don’t have to take it all the way off.


What do you see other than water going down??

Sounds like just a show for the client

What am I missing that would be seen by looking at just the flush??

I know that this was in HI 101 but I was asleep

Please help


Nope…Because if you remove something that shouldnt be removed (based on the SOP) you would then be asked why you did not remove a FPE panel that had spark marks all over the cover. just my opinion

In my case, I don’t remove FPE panel covers, with or without spark marks. They automatically get sent to the licensed electrician.

I don’t remove every toilet lid. Only if I sense problems.

I can recall one house where I lifted the toilet cover and (low and behold), I spotted a bag of white powder tied to the flushing mechanism. I simply showed the listing Broker and she gasped when she looked at what I was pointing at.

A bag of white powder…hmmmmmmm.

Powdered sugar. Great with biegnets in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

I’ll let the police be the judge of that.

I only lift the lid if I sense a problem. If all appears as normal, no lifty-no liddy.

I always take it off just when flushing, the things i have found in the bottom of the tanks can surprise you. I found dope, old beer cans/bottles, and one guy even had a dirty magazine in a zip lock bag, he said it was a great hiding space from his wife, hes says "how many woman take the lid off the toilet.
:smiley: :smiley:

If you don’t, and your client later lifts the lid and it’s broken or he gets squirted in the face, do you really think he’s going to recommend you to his brother-in-law.
It’s so simple.