Do you text while driving?

Every teenager in America, and throughout the world, should watch this video; twice.

It was just released last week by Police One, produced by help of AT&T

It is going around to every high school. Pass to your children. Sad, but real.

Grab tissues. About 10 minutes long, filmed in Missouri. Watch to the end.

Nor should text while putting.

im driving right now

I can text by speaking into my android phone but I don’t use it.

Texting and web access while driving are illegal in neighboring MN.

Maybe tuning your radio should be too.:roll:

How they would determine you are or not is beyond me.

I think it is wrong to tinker with nature’s process of weeding out the stupid. :wink:

Someone want to make a bunch of money; write a program that will make the text feature interoperable while driving. It would be easy to write, just make it work off the phones GPS and if the phone is moving at a certain speed say faster then jogging the text feature wouldn’t work. I would probably have a parental lock on it as well.

That would prevent passengers from texting, too.

Too bad.

If you do please STOP. In fact try to pay attention to driving your car it is not you I am concerned about but the poor sap you are going to hurt. My wife and I were rear-ended last Feb. by a distracted driver and both are doing all we can to avoid Disc surgery. It has set us back more than I could imagine.