Do you think home inspector fatigue has an impact on the accuracy of your reports?

Do you think home inspector fatigue has much of an impact on the final inspection report?

Sure, it is human nature. Our work product is unique to each inspection as every property is different. Work site conditions such as property size/condition, temperature/weather and seasonal work schedules can all contribute to fatigue and have an impact. Training and a good report system/program can minimize the impact.

Absolutely. I am usually mentally spent, which doesn’t take much, depending on how much interaction occurs with the buyers. First time buyers need more, especially with homes that have more issues. The fatigue doesn’t hit until the inspection is done and am on my way out. Not above sitting down…close my eyes for 20 mins, then complete the report.
I’m sure that statement will open up the flood gates. lol

Companies have a break time for their employers. It’s just hard to take a break when you own a business you feel like you need to keep going. :wink:

Yes and it’s why I sit down and drink coffee in the morning and review my reports before they go out.

Yes I believe that to be true. Also when not feeling well.

Not for me, mostly because I only do one inspection a day, I normally start onsite at 0800 and I record all the data during the inspection. When I arrive back to my office I download the report from the cloud, add pictures and touch up defect narratives if needed, click a button and add the summary, glance through the summary to make sure I didn’t forget or miss anything, hit the print pdf button, click another button to fill out the NPMA-33 and add a digital signature, print it, add reports to email and send.


I think you posted this once before. I have found it to good advice.

for sure. I see it in reports when we squeeze in a 3rd or 4th inspection in a single day. More typos and spelling errors from typing fast to get through it all

Fatigue has implications across the spectrum of your life. Many mistakes, accidents, etc can be contributed to fatigue. Think about car accidents, work place injuries, etc. many of those can be contributed to fatigue. When tired your thought processes aren’t at there maximum potential. Which is when mistakes are made, wether it be a typo on a report, crashing your vehicle, or falling off a ladder.

2 inspections a day and I’m fine.
3 in a day I have to be more careful writing the report, so yes accuracy can suffer.

I have also hurt myself numerous times when I felt like being done for the day. But I continued doing something and for one reason or another"someone else wanting me to continue"