Do You Think You Are Safe At the Hospital

This article is an eye opener for those that feel hospitals are kept cleaner than your home. I won’t comment on the Investigation we did but I will say that no amount of air exchange is going to prevent problems if the House cleaning is not kept in check.

Ugh. What a horrible, disgusting situation. They need to institute a standardized auditing system that includes surface tests for bacteria, not just going off of how clean something looks! That’s why it took so long for people to figure out germ theory in the first place: the buggers are too small to see.

The healthcare system in Canada has a lot of problems–the doctors and nurses are MASSIVELY overworked–but they cannot let this happen to their patients. If they started getting fined for dirty hospitals you can bet they’d clean up their act quick!

I feel safe at the moment. Sitting here waiting for a diagnosis from another head injury. Possible I have a mild concussion. Gotta learn to slow down. Lol

Thanks for your opinion .
From what I understand
If the Canadian Doctors where not happy why would they not all move to the USA .
I think you are a lot lacking on what WE HAVE IN CANADA.
Canadians do live longer the Americans .
Canadian’s do all get medical coverage .
Unfortunately many in the USA lack proper medical coverage .

Safer at home…

Puts new meaning in the Statement “Oh you are sick, you should go to the hospital to get well” right Gilles.

In our medicare situation, it seems that unfortunately too much money goes into feeding the fat cats in the administrative “club sandwich”. Add to that a higher than normal degree of corruption and you wind up with a situation where patient care is sacrificed.

The system needs a lot of "adjustment " but at least it does provide health care to most.


If anything it brings it to the attention of the populous! Practicing my latin like - Et tu, Brute?