Do you title your IR camera with asset protection from lawsuit in mind?

Normally home inspection companies don’t have to worry about asset protection as home inspection businesses don’t have many assets. But now that many home inspection companies have IR cameras, is anyone putting them in their wive’s names or anything to protect them from a judgment creditor?

So, wife buys camera and leases to inspection company?


In Calif. If you have assets under 75K they can't it. but anything over the 75K they can take.

That number should be a lot more as the cost of living has gone up but that Number has been around for a long time. $ 75K today is 2 cars and a camera:shock: Back in the day Your home was not even $75K



That is a personal exemption from creditors, not a business exemption. So if the asset it titled to the home inspection company, I don’t believe your personal exemption protects it.

I have a seperate insurance policy for my camera. It’s covered by a Marine Rider to my General Liability Policy. I purchased it in my company’s name.

A General liability Policy doesn’t protect the asset from a creditor.

I do all my inspections, Home and IR under the banner of my corporation. if anyone gets sued, it’s the corp and it does not have much assets. I own all the equipment.

I believe, in the event you did the inspection, you and the corp would both be sued. A corp may offer protetion against an employees error, but you would certainly be responsible for your own errors, corp or not.

As always, seek actual legal advice (which the above does NOT represent). :slight_smile:

Don’t see the need. There’s far more money for them to get out of my insurance company than to worry about a depreciating asset.