Do You Use a Website Contact Form?

I received a email yesterday from a client that wanted to verify that I received the inspection information he sent via my website contact form. I did not. It dawned on me about 3 or 4 weeks ago I received an email from AT&T that they had partnered with Yahoo for web mail. After jumping through a bunch of hoops I found my mailbox and noticed 52 messages in my Spam folder, and several were my website contact forms. I was able to salvage 2 contacts from last week and confirm the schedule. To correct the problem I set up a filter to send Subject Line: “Website Contact Form” to my inbox. All is well now but it’s probably a good idea to test your contact forms from time to time. Just a heads up.

Thanks Robert just starting a New page good information

adding this to your form will help I am sure Dom has code ready made code.

Bruce, that will help prevent the spammers from entering forms (good stuff too). I think Robert’s problem is the legitimate emails were ending up in the new spam folder. Setting up a filter like he did is the perfect solution. I agree, check all your forms every few months and make sure you’re getting the responses!

Dom do you have code already set up for a form that has the captcha? I’m getting attacked as well.

The code I’ve written integrates into our website hosting. I haven’t written anything for outside sites for CAPTCHA in quite awhile but you can use recaptcha which is GREAT.

Check out for php code. They have integrations for other languages on his site.

O.k bit a drift. Sorry Robert. What is a conversion form and how do you get one?

No problem Gerry, just trying to give a heads up on a situation that could cause a loss of insoections. (Thx Dom for letting me know the filter was a good solution. I was thinking the captcha thing was a different animal)

Gerry, Robert’s talking the same thing as the Book an Inspection form on your site.

Robert, no problem.

Thanks Dom.
Just asking because on web grader it says I do not have a conversion form to sign people up for newsletters etc…

I haven’t seen the website grader properly identifying the forms on our sites as forms. I don’t know if it does with any. They are definitely conversion forms, have a submit button and everything. Just ignore the website grader on that one.

Thanks Dom.


I also have a contact form on most pages of my website. Weird thing is that not a week goes by that I don’t get many blank forms in my email. Sometimes they are filled out with nonsense info. No trouble getting the emails, just trouble with someone constantly messin’ with me.

Me too David:( This morning I got an inspection request from Miley Cyrus:D

contact page has worked very well over the years… lot’s of spam either way.

Our latest ASCII CAPTCHA hasn’t allowed any spam through that I know of. Use a tougher method of CAPTCHA.