Do you walk the roof?

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #1

Yes, and the sun is brighter up there.

My roofie.

(Dave Fetty, CMI) #2

You look so happy to be there, is this number 2? Or a shot from the first one? :slight_smile:
And yes, I traverse the roof, it if it is safe. :wink:

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #3

Numero uno.

(Robin Wells) #4

Yes… if I can do so safely.

(Scot Baker, CMI) #5

I can’t believe you copied me too

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #6


(Scot Baker, CMI) #7

I started the roofie craze

(Edward J. Rossi, CMI) #8

I personally do the roof inspections myself. I have hired contractors to do it in the past, however, I felt their inspection was a little rushed and the report that I was provided at the end was typically very brief and unprofessional (just my experiences). I prefer to have the Realtors and my Clients see me spend time physically on the roof and then I provide a very detailed roof report within my HI report. I personally feel that you should walk the roof (if safe). This is the best way to inspect all appurtenances, valleys, possible limb abrasions, and overall condition of shingles, tiles (chips, tears, scuffs, broken edges, fasteners in wrong places, rusted or exposed fasteners, etc. I just can’t get all this information (for the entire roof) from the ladder. Strictly speaking for myself, there is no adequate substitute for walking the roof when a safe environment exists.

(Dave Fetty, CMI) #9

Lol… when did you start the “roofie” craze?

(Dave Fetty, CMI) #10

In many cases, a well operated drone can give you the same information as traversing a roof, other than that ‘under foot’ feeling.

(Scot Baker, CMI) #11

A few months ago I was doing a roof inspection and one of my competitors drove into their house so I took a selfie with me in their truck in the background from the roof and called it a roofie I was wondering how he must have felt coming home and his competitor is on his neighbor’s roof doing an inspection that had to hurt

(Dave Fetty, CMI) #12


(Edward J. Rossi, CMI) #13

I haven’t tried a drone yet. I just can’t imagine it being as accurate or as relative as actually touching an area, lifting loose shingles to check for correct placement of fasteners, etc. I’m sure they have their place (wet slippery roofs, extremely steep roofs, etc.). The actual touchy/feely is an important part of the roof inspection, IMO.

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #14

Maybe you can copyright it.

(Scot Baker, CMI) #15

You should be getting a notice soon lol.

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #16

Looks like you are almost 10 feet up in the air Frank.Were you terrified ? :slight_smile:

(Chuck Evans, CMI TREC 7657) #17

A drone can’t check bonding, nailing, soft decking or felt paper placement. IMO there is no substitute for walking the roof if it can be done safely

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #18

Single story, 4/12, scarey stuff.

(Edward J. Rossi, CMI) #19

Frank, you look like Fred Ward’s long lost Brother in this Pic:D

fred ward.jpg

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #20

Stop Jazzing Frank.
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