Do you walk the roof?

I couldn’t have gotten the pictures for my latest blog without walking the roof. I don’t have a drone. Check it out here

Nice looking blog! Curious, what do you use?

Frank, not many tile roofs around here. Maybe 1 out of 500.

I was always under the impression that you could damage the roof tiles by walking on them.
How did you traverse the roof without damaging the material?

That’s a trade secret David. :slight_smile: Actually, carefully step on the “overlap” That’s the strongest area. It’s doubled at that point and firmly sitting on the roof.

As to Joshua’s question, I use the blog page template on Squarespace. It’s fully customizable.

Great job, Frank!!

Thanks Michael

Nice job Frank!

Nice article.

I’m way behind on blogging. I need to get to it.

I’m sure you have a lot of pictures. Might as well use them. :smiley:

No way I would walk a clay tile roof but cool you are comfortable with it.
Just glad I have only had 2 in 9 years and found enough issues with my pole cam that walking on top of the brittle material would have been pointless.

As far as blogging goes Frank at this point in your career it is good for your business health wise and applaud your early infatuation in that it shows you are serious about advancing .
I used blogging as a learning tool and tried to blog about my weak subject areas because it forced me to study them .
The forced research is a good exercise .

Good idea Bob. I’ll start with electrical next. That’s what I need to work on.

Who needs a drone…

And the wrong way…

Just a quick note: Drones are still illegal to operate even if you are giving away the service. I heard a rumor that an inspector in Washington state has been charged by the FAA $60,000 for using them on inspections. I would be very careful with them until the FAA gets their heads out of their *****es

You mean with no helmet?:mrgreen:

You should hire you’re self out as a blogger. Really Nice job

Thanks. Trying to build my library. I’m sharing it on social media to create some traffic. Trying to make it informative and interesting. Creative writing wasn’t my favorite class, but Google will ding you for plagiarism.

Frank, some unsolicited advice:

-Change the title of this blog post. No one is going to search “tile roof neglect” they are more likely to search “Tile Roof Maintenance” or in long tail “How do I make my tile roof last longer”

-You have 2 <h1> tags. Google hates this. It doesn’t know if the main theme of this page is “Certified Inspection Services, LLC - Home and Commercial Inspection” or “Don’t Neglect Your Tile Roof.” Change this ASAP.

-You have no <h2> tags. h2’s are a good way to capture long tail keywords and they give google more of an insight into what this page is about and how someone might find it relevant.

The goal of your blogs shouldn’t be to get traffic for traffic’s sake. The value of a blog should be to make great content that other people link to resulting in a ton of organic back links. Google will reward your domain handsomely if you have other websites organically linking to your blog posts.

Good advice David, but I’m not sure how to change the <h1> tags for each blog. I think it’s the same on every page as the home page.

I added some <h2>. Thanks David