Do you want your inspection business to command market share?

Then don’t forget the little things. The little things matter and they don’t have to be expensive. The Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection]( books only costs $2.70 each and probably do more to capture and hold market share than any other product in our industry. And while we’re on the subject of those little things that cost under $3…

You give your girlfriend a list of places she can buy flowers at a discount.

I’ll give your girlfriend a single rose.

Don’t be surprised if you find my socks in her clothes hamper… LOL :wink:


I’ve had many compliments on the Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection]( books.

Same with me Larry. Actually just yesterday I gave one to a young client 1st time buyer, He actually spent so much time flipping through it it kept him away from me for a fair amount of the inspection…hahaha His agent was one that I have never met before, she asked for one and also loved it. She had never seen or heard of an inspector doing such a thing. I think I will be hearing from her again…:mrgreen:

One of the best of the NACHI marketing tools available for sure.


OK, Larry and Jim, you sold me, I ordered my first box of them…

Nick, drop the price to under $2 and sell out the warehouse. I’m in for 250

Mike, I am serious you’re clients and their Agents will all love the book and the little extra you do above any beyond performing a superior inspecrion.

FYI what I did is you will see on the cover there is a place for your biz card. I figured that the card may fall off down the road. I went to staples, bought a pack of 3"x3" labels. OK I scanned my biz card, resized it to fit the label and had stick them on the book in the card space. Now it is like part of the book and will never get lost.


The best is when more than one box has to arrive on your porch each month :slight_smile:

We give them out to all first time home buyers.

Nick was suppose to send me a half a box if I post a response here on the MB after He did the Would Tour in Jacksonville.
I did and never got them.

I do have a few laying around.

I love when Nick puts them on sle around X-Mas sometimes. Not that they are not a great deal anyway, but a discount is always nice.


Thanks, Jim, I already contacted my printer and got her to make up stickers that mirror my business cards. Got to keep my name in front of them.

Mike you can print your business card onto Avery labels and stick them on as well

Correct, that is what I was saying that I do, Works wel.


Thanks Troy,James!

Roy, I’ll get you out a full case in the AM. Email me at if your shipping address differs from the address you have in

Great idea! As another option for all of you, Inspector Outlet can create Custom Business Card Stickers specifically for this purpose. You can check them out here:



I’ve been placing them in realtor offices, with my business card attached and a note written on the cover stating “Office Copy. Please do not Remove”

This makes it a magnet for pilfering. So, I replace them.

Books were shipped. Enjoy!

No it is the same , but I’ll send it to you at your addy.