Do you warn your clients about warranty's?

The most common bad information I hear agents telling clients is:

“Well that would be covered in your warranty” The topic of conversation is usually the HVAC.

Well, the truth is, no its not covered if its the HVAC and older than 10 years.

I remember listing a house for sale years ago that included a “warranty” starting on the listing date, I asked the agent what all is covered, she said “oh, everything”. The exterior spa broke down so I called her up, she said “oh, thats not covered”.

Do you warn your clients?
In the report?

I put it in the report and tell the client right in front of the agent if possible.

$199 bucks will get you a $5000 hvac system right? LMAO!

Yes I’ve had my share of inspections were realtors state the house comes with a warranty. I don’t say anything in large part I don’t know what the warranty they are getting actually covers so I let it be. Now if I had first hand knowledge what the warranty covers and what it doesn’t cover then yes I would say something. Are you saying no warranty covers HVAC over ten years old?

The seller’s warranty is not associated with a home inspection in my opinion and I don’t mention it. It’s not my job to tell a buyer to read the fine print on all the documents associated with buying a house.

Bruce, do you warn them of the potential hazards of adjustable interest rates?

Not my business. . .

If and when you hear or see anything while on the property that affects your client, it is your business and you would be found negligent by any reasonable jury for not informing your client.

Show me a warranty that covers an 11 year old HVAC including replacement if deemed necessary.

If my client confides in me that they are concerned about something I will give them advice especially if I witness unethical conversation which is what this thread is about. Its not about future rates and future income amounts of the clients. Don’t use another subject to try and reinforce the one at hand, its way more complicated than that.

I certainly don’t take on all that liability. Something related to the home inspection, yes.


Example: If they are talking about financing and I think they are getting a lousy rate, it’s not my place.

As for warranties, I tell them to read them carefully and reveiw with their attorney so they undertand all of the terms, conditions and most importantly limitations.

I am not a warranty expert.

That’s a stretch.

No. But I do tell them that I offer a Warranty Inspection in their report. I explain that I can come back prior to the expiration date of the home warranty, so they can take advantage of the features and benefits and see that necessary repairs guaranteed under the warranty are executed, should any damage or problems be discovered.

Bruce I’m asking you if there is such a warranty.

I agree 100% with this statement.


Are we still talking about warranties here? I have no obligation, duty nor responsibility to say anything with regards to a warranty that is not provided by me.

FYI - there ARE warranties that will cover replacement of units - aged or not - you just have to purchase the right one.

I think the answer to that question is obvious.

To clarify, I think the main issue is where the hvac tech says a unit needs replacement and has not been properly maintained. The client expects a working unit since the agent led them to believe that.

No you don’t but I would hope you warn your client to find the true facts.
They are told bogus info around here on a daily basis. I really doubt its any different there.

Show me one that will cover replacement on a 15 year old gas furnace, or any unit over 10 years…

First American offers such a warranty.

If it’s not inspection related, it’s none of my business. This includes, but is not limited to;

Purchase Price
Interest Rate

First American got a 1.5 out of 5 rating

I think its like a lot of things in this world, individual results will vary, probably get better service after you have paid your premium for several years.

The new customer who has no service records and an expensive problem could have an uphill battle with any warranty provider.

Just trying to help out on here, lots of readers appreciate posters who can think outside of the box. FWIW, I have had zero complaints in almost 5 years so I must be doing something right.


What are we now, everybody’s nanny?
As far as **warning **clients about every little thing perceived as dubious, where is that in the job description? As other posters have said, where does it end?
What you do is your business, but don’t say the rest of us are wrong for not doing things your way.

American Home Shield will cover older units.

Here is a sample scenario that I’ve had a few times…

ME: The AC compressor is very old. It’s working at the moment but you should budget for replacement in the near future. Theres no telling how long it will last.

Agent or client: That’s ok, the sellers are providing a home warranty.

ME: That’s great, just be sure to read all the fine print because those warranties don’t cover everything.